The Iannettilab (aka the GAMFI Centre) is a neuroscience research group led by Professor Giandomenico Iannetti, and currently based at University College London in the Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology. 


Our research field is sensory neuroscience in humans. We investigate the neural processes leading to the perception of objects and events in the world around us. We have a particular interest in understanding: 

1. The general principles that the nervous system uses to identify salient and behaviourally-relevant sensory events

2. How the brain responses elicited by such events influence defensive behaviours

3. How these sensory events lead to the emergence of painful percepts


Our approach combines psychophysics and different laboratory tools (brain imaging techniques such as EEG/MEG and fMRI, and electrophysiological techniques such as EMG and microneurography) to provide a readout of the function of the nervous system at different levels (from the peripheral nerve to the neocortex), in response to stimuli belonging to various sensory modalities.

We also run experiments in ecological environments (for example, using immersive virtual reality and wireless EEG).

To selectively activate Aδ and C nociceptive fibres we use cutaneous laser stimulation (shown in the figures below and in this video) - a technique that we have been using and developing since 1998.



 Laser stimulation of the hand     



                                                 Our group on the steps of the UCL Wilkins building



From 2006 until 2009 the lab was based at the University of Oxford (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics).


If you would like more information about the lab, or about joining the group, please email Giandomenico Iannetti (