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16/02/2010 21:12

Pain perception and body posture

14/02/2010 15:32
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Pain processing in the spinal cord

14/02/2010 15:31
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Identifying pain-specific neural activities

14/02/2010 15:13
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Single-trial analysis of ERPs

14/02/2010 15:12
Measuring stimulus-evoked EEG responses at single-trial level is desirable, as the trial-to-trial variability often contains important pyhysiological information.

Functional significance of laser-evoked potentials (LEPs)

14/02/2010 15:11
Laser stimuli activate selectively pain-related afferents in the skin, and evoke brain responses that can be detected by EEG (laser-evoked potentials, LEPs). Despite being widely used, the functional significance of LEPs is still unclear. When single laser stimuli are delivered, the magnitude of...


14/02/2010 14:50
Our broad field of interest is the neurophysiology of sensory system in humans. We are particularly interested on the functioning of the somatosensory and nociceptive systems, to understand how somatosensory stimuli give rise to bodily experiences and how these experiences are modulated by...
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